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TeamJacquem.com Interview with University of Cincinnati star Tshumbi Johnson

TeamJacquem.com: Why do you play?
Tshumbi Johnson: I play the game of Football because I fell in Love with it when I was 5yrs old and it kept me
from running the streets sometimes but it almost helped me make it out of the bad situations I was in.
TeamJacquem.com: Can you accept disappointment and learn from failure?
Tshumbi Johnson: Yes, I can because if you make mistakes you will already know what you have to do better
next time so you wouldn't make the same ones.
TeamJacquem.com: Do you have what it takes: commitment, discipline?
Tshumbi Johnson: I can honestly say I do because you have to pay attention to the little details and you have
to be coachable.
TeamJacquem.com: What does team mean to you?
Tshumbi Johnson: Strength and Unity basically means a group of brothers who play as a whole not for self.
TeamJacquem.com: What do you hope to accomplish?
Tshumbi Johnson: I really want to make a huge impact to the Cincinnati program.
TeamJacquem.com: What is your goal, your objective?
Tshumbi Johnson: My goal is to give 110% each and every day I step on the field and most important do
what is asked of me in the class room.
TeamJacquem.com: There is always a moment when you know that you are really good at what you do-when
did you realize that " this " was your sport?
Tshumbi Johnson: I realized that Football was my sport when I was just a baby throwing grapefruits around
yelling Football but I feel it was a part of me because my family played sports and it was the genes.
TeamJacquem.com: We all have athletes we strive to be like-who is yours and why?
Tshumbi Johnson: I strive to be like my role model Sammy Watkins because he has great character and works
hard for everything that he has, He's very humbled and we both are from a similar background so that
motivates me.
TeamJacquem.com: What are your areas of challenge and how do you work to overcome them?
Tshumbi Johnson: I would say learning how to communicate more and just becoming more of a leader. I plan
to overcome them by following the older guys and learn from them.
TeamJacquem.com: You are one of the best Role Models in the area. At this stage in your career, it's more than
just your athletic ability - and it's more than just showing up at practice - so, what extra things have you done
to go from being good to great?
Tshumbi Johnson: You will have to put in overtime in everything that you including classwork, studying your
playbook, watching film by yourself, extra work in the weight and on the field you just have to be an over
achiever can't settle to be average strive to be great at anything that you do in life.
TeamJacquem.com: How do you feel you will do this season as a team and personally?
Tshumbi Johnson: I feel that we as a team will have a successful season wining we have a lot of returning key
guys back and we are more humbled and hungry. For me I feel as if I'm going to play a huge role for the team
because I'm so hungry and I've been so patient I know God has something in stored for me.

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